New Aspects - TheatreFest


Under Fifteen Minutes

The length of presentations in TheatreFest has been expanded from the existing 15 to 50 minutes – now embracing entries under fifteen minutes. So this means we have opened up the playing time to involve performances of: Up To Fifty Minutes.

‘Short & Sweet’ performances may now be entered; consider comprising a variety of theatre conventions!

  • Sheila Winn Shakespeare entries for instance, (let’s celebrate the Bard’s 400th anniversary)
  • Dance Drama infused with a contentious theme perhaps
  • Songs woven into a storyline or action
  • Improvised presentation to suit your dramatic inspiration.

A wide format is encouraged – not just dialogue-based plays. All entries will receive full adjudication.
The minimum cast size is still two players.

TheatreFest Comes To You

Many schools and community theatres have found it difficult to fit in with the scheduled ‘local fests’ of
July/August, leading on to Regional and National Finals.

So, maybe you are a single entry fitting in around your society’s major productions and cannot make it to a local fest – well now we have a more flexible policy.

TheatreFest entries have been opened up to include the period of October (after the September National Finals) to July (prior to the next official round).

This means you are eligible to enter at any time during that period, as long as you pay for and receive adjudication from an ANZDA adjudicator. They will attend your production, which if deemed of suitable standard make a recommendation to the National TheatreFest Co-ordinator, that the production go forward to be included in the mid-August Regional Finals. This gives more flexibility to your programming.

Did you know groups may enter the fest in a non-competitive capacity if they wish?
You may in fact just want to employ an adjudicator to give you feedback for skill and growth, this facility is also available from ANZDA.

Adjudicator Appointments

Theatre New Zealand has introduced a policy of appointing only ANZDA accredited adjudicators at all levels for TheatreFest.

ANZDA for their part recently held a refresher seminar for all members in Wellington. This forum, honed many skills and brought to light aspects of the adjudication process that have eroded over a period of time.

We look forward to a renewed partnership of engagement in theatre.

TheatreFest Entry Fee

National Executive has streamlined the operation of entering TheatreFest.

You can now enter and pay on-line. The national levy for TheatreFest per group entry is $130, which comprises the adjudicator’s fee and national administration fee.

This makes the financial administration for local organisers and our national treasurer, simpler.

You can download this press release by clicking here!